Jinwan Aviation City International Business Centre Phase 2

Zhuhai, China
client: Huafa Group
type: Retail
area: G.F.A. 13,400 sqm ; site area 24,400 sqm
service: architecture, CGI
award: international design competition: winner
In early 2014, 10 DESIGN was awarded champion in an array of competitions and subsequently the project contracts of the new Jinwan Aviation City International Business Center.As an integral component of the overall scheme, retail street will serve as a commercial and entertainment space for local community.

The composition of the building consists smaller volumes that cross and overpass each other and create rhythm of elements along the street. The small commercial blocks are organized along main street with open gallery corridors visually opens up to surrounding area creating visual attraction to the park located on the other side of the street.

Building aims to improve the quality and permeability of the site, both for users of the building and for residents of the area. The treatment of materials and colors is used to emphasize each architectural element and break scale of the linear building.The green roofs covering parts of the blocks, combined with green terraces reinforce the presence of greenery in the development.

Construction on the project is expected to commence later in 2018.