IO wins approval to transform the Core of Zhuhai City into a new landmark metropolis


In November 2015, 10 DESIGN won an international open competition for one of the most prominent sites in southern China, The Core of Zhuhai City Heart. Fourteen other international architects were involved in this competition including Gensler, NBBJ, and HAS Architects to name a few. 

The Core of Zhuhai City Heart is a large urban mixed use development of GFA 1.4 million sqm located in Jida District. This is one of the prime areas where the Zhuhai Municipality has major development plans for in preparation for the completion of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge by Q4 2017.

The client of the project, Huafa Group - a leading real estate developer in China with headquarters in Zhuhai, has played a significant role in helping to shape the new landscape of the city. They are also the developer of the surrounding sites to the North and South of The Core of Zhuhai City Heart (Zhuhai Heart District and Nanshan District respectively) amongst others.

The jury commented that in response to Huafa's vision, 10's winning design approach introduced a central plaza and a series of interconnected garden spaces throughout the sites to succinctly unify the development and provide unique and lively spaces activated by retail and F&B, allowing much needed open space for the area. This way, the design embraces a holistic mixed use centre, where residential, commercial, and leisure seamlessly weave into the urban setting rather than in segregations.
Ted Givens, Design Partner with 10, says, "Our design response recognises the importance of unity and connectivity to both urban and natural contexts. The entire site is envisioned to become an abstract Chinese garden with a centralised hub for the community. A series of outdoor civic rooms are woven through the masterplan, adding vibrancy and attracting those from all walks of life."

Miriam Au Yeung, Partner with 10
, adds, "We are very pleased to have won this design competition as we have been very fortunate to have led the design on a number of major landmark developments throughout Zhuhai. Most notably is the 320m tall super high-rise Shizimen Tower in which St. Regis hotel is scheduled for opening on 30th June 2017 and one of the world's largest retail developments, the 510,000 sqm Summer International Retail Centre, anticipated for construction completion in 2020. We are currently also working on Phase 2 of Zhuhai Shizimen International Convention and Exhibition Centre, which is progressing well into detailed design stage."

Ted Givens, Miriam Au Yeung, Peby Pratama,  Ray Lam, Zhang Rui Zhao, Daniel Wang, Yan Liu

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