10 DESIGN and CAN.X jointly celebrate win at the HKILA Awards 2016


The Core of Zhuhai City Heart, Zhuhai, China, has been awarded the Merit Award at the HKILA Awards 2016 for the category – Landscape Planning / Master Planning – with 10 DESIGN as the Master planner and Architectural Designer and CAN.X as the Landscape Planner.  

The Core of Zhuhai City Heart is a large urban mixed use development of GFA 1.4 million sqm located in Jida District. This is one of the prime areas where the Zhuhai Municipality has major development plans for in preparation for the completion of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge by Q4 2017. 

This development consists mid to high end residential development, retail streets, cultural amenities, green zones, and recreation. With an existing mature traffic network and auxiliary amenity, this new core district will increase land and development value, stimulate activities in the surrounding sites, revitalise the city's image, protect existing local population by providing adequate resettlement housing, and become a new landmark metropolis. 

The HKILA Awards seek to promote excellence in landscape planning, design, management and research and recognise outstanding achievements by landscape architects and students. 

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