Queen Margaret University

Musselburgh, Scotland
client: Queen Margaret University
type: university, innovation centre, retail, F&B, health and fitness, residential, hotel, carparks
area: G.F.A. 45,000 sqm
service: master planning

The creation of the 45,000 sqm mixed use commercial and innovation hubs located at the gateway to the University campus will create a vibrant area that combines innovation activity with the support of the University's academic resources together with local amenities. It will enhance the life of students and staff at the university, and to provide a new local centre for the established community and the potential new community.

The design includes new streets and squares, reinforces existing routes, and creates new bus and pedestrian connections to future developments and will provide a range of facilities including retail, coffee shops, health and fitness, hotel, schools, carparks, and residential accommodation.

Phase One of the innovation hub is the development of the 5,000 sqm Innovation Centre which will comprise grade A office suites, Category One laboratories, workshops, and meeting rooms/conferencing facilities.