Vertical Farm Centre | An Ecological Vision for Hong Kong


Vertical Farm Centre

The Vertical Farm Centre (VFC) provides an ecological vision for Victoria Harbourfront in Hong Kong. The proposal centres around a 420m vertical farm that provides agricultural services, commercial office space and a luxury hotel. The building is grounded by an intense agricultural and exhibition centre, living classrooms to educate the public on agriculture in Hong Kong, while growing produce for the local market. Restaurants occupying the refuge floors are able to provide “Farm to Table” service from the building itself. The two mid-sections of the building feature 110,000sqm of prime office space wrapped by aero & hydroponic systems growing in a double skin enclosure. Such space provides a dynamic work environment, intimate connection with nature and enhanced air quality for the occupants and visitors. The tower is topped by a 33 storey luxury hotel and observatory. A central atrium starts on the 73rd floor’s refuge lounge and forms a double helix that wraps through an internal garden. The helix reaches its pinnacle at 420m providing 360 degree views of Hong Kong.

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