The Most Complex Commission in 2013: Chongqing Danzishi Central Business District


Four corporate investors have come together to develop the 800,000 sqm Danzishi Central Business District with a common vision to create a premium business and retail destination for this dynamic new district in the heart of Chongqing in China.

The Danzishi CBD was 10 DESIGN’s most complex commission by far in 2013. 

Our biggest challenge was to provide a cohesive solution which presents a continuity of design throughout the entire CBD, whilst it allows for distinct architectural languages to differentiate the individual developments owned by the four respective corporate investors.

The new Danzishi CBD has now received planning approval from the Chongqing Planning Department and detailed design is underway.
  This 800,000sqm mixed use development, comprising 12 office towers and over 150,000sqm of inter-connected retail, has started construction on site.  The first phase (called) Zhongxun Times will be built by spring 2015, while the entire CBD will be occupied by 2018.

10 DESIGN's successful approach for the CBD utilizes a closely integrated weaving ground scape of retail and amenity ribbons that link and enclose public space while connecting the waterfront and individual developments with the mass transport interchange.

Comprising a total of 800,000 sqm of accommodation, the CBD includes 150,000 sqm of dedicated high-end retail and entertainment area. This accounts for the majority of podium level accommodation, whilst the remaining area is given to office space, a hotel and serviced apartments. 

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