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CHENGDU ISLAND BRIDGE  Following the success of the Shizimen bridge, lO have been commissioned for a new 125 metre long bridge for Wide Horizon Group in Chengdu, China.  In order to allow a more intimate interaction with the natural environment, the bridge’s pedestrian and cycle ways are separated from the road component to encircle a landscaped island, where pedestrians can then choose to step off the bridge to sit by the shore line.  The Bridge is anticipated to be in operation in 2015.   

XIANGZHOU CULTURAL CENTRE  The design is a 50,000 square metre facility for housing art and cultural exhibitions for Huafa Group.  The site sits between two historical villages in Zhuhai China.  The building is split into two volumes creating a large outdoor garden for the community, and allowing for maximum planning flexibility. A large public library and theatre open onto the internal garden space, providing a hub for community activities.  The cultural centre is anticipated to be opened to the public in 2015.  
CHANGCHENGHUI MIXED USE RETAIL COMPLEX  The vision for the proposed development is to create a vibrant and dynamic addition to the Wuchan district of Wuhan for Great Wall Construction.  The development provides 90,000 square metres of grade A office spaces with the tallest tower rising at 200 metres high.  It is supported by 20,000 square metres of retail, F&B, and entertainment spaces.   The project is anticipated to be constructed by 2015.  More

Currently IO have more than 15 projects under construction throughout Asia and the Middle East.  A selection of which is as follows:

1. New Jiangwan Office Park, Shanghai , China I GFA 400,000 sqm I 2013

2. Summer International Retail Centre, Zhuhai, China I GFA 450,000 sqm I 2014

3. The Fujian Photonic Professional Technical College, Xiamen, China I GFA 550,000 sqm I 2014

4. Galaxy Moonbay Renaissance Hotel and Mixed Use Development, Changzhou, China I GFA 304,220 sqm I 2014

5. Danzishi Retail Development, Chongqing, China I GFA 680,000 sqm I 2015

6. Changchenghui Retail & Office Development, Wuhan, China I GFA 120,000 sqm I 2015

7. KL Gateway Mixed Use Development, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia I GFA 250,000 sqm I 2015

8. Ataşehir Meridian Park & Entertainment Hub, Istanbul, Turkey I GFA 50,000 sqm I 2015

9. Metropol, Istanbul, Turkey I GFA 600,000 sqm I 2015  

lO have been leading the design for some of the prestigious property developers in Asia.  Most recently, our new commissions include landmark projects from Baoneng Group, Ren Ze Real Estate, Top Spring International, and Vanke.  Below is a selection of preliminary concept designs developed over just the last few weeks for these new clients.  As these projects mature to scheme design, we will feature them in detail in our subsequent IO Post.      

1. A financial office park with a total GFA of 490,000sqm in Shanghai for Shenzhen Baoneng Group

2. A 275,000 sqm mixed use development with luxury retail shops in Kunming for Ren Ze Real Estate

3. A 121,000 sqm mixed-use complex, consisting of a six storey retail mall and two 100 m office towers in Guizhou for Vanke

4. A 1.4 million sqm mixed-use residential development with two large retail anchors in Shenzhen for Top Spring International 

lO successfully provided a master plan for a new 550,000 sqm Fujian Professional Photonic Technical College and led the architectural design of five buildings in Phase 1 of the College. Whilst construction for Phase 1 is well underway, our client (Ching Fu Shipbuilding) has recently re-commissioned lO to direct the design for four more buildings in Phase 2 of the project.   The first 3,000 students enrolled in the College will be on campus by the first year of opening in September 2014.  By 2017, it is anticipated that the number of students will grow to 12,000.  More

MARCH 2013   lO celebrated the relocation of the Shanghai studio with our clients, consultants and friends.   We moved to a much larger space, which is able to accommodate the continuous growth of our Shanghai team with a maximum capacity to house up to 40 staff members. More       

Relocation: 2E Anken Green, 668 Huai An Road, Jing An District, Shanghai 

APRIL 2013  lO launched our new look!  We rebranded the site to make it more versatile in displaying our work and added a number of functional features to show the animations produced by our CGI team.  We also completely revamped our News section to make it more accessible for clients and the press to stay tune with us. More       

MAY 2013  lO hosted our 3rd annual art show at lO+space, our adjoining art gallery in the Hong Kong studio.   China Art Projects + Visual Arts Projects presented "Modus Operandi", digital arts exhibitions by island6.  More

JUNE 2013   Suzanne Miao (Editorial Director at Perspective) invited Gordon Affleck (Design Partner at lO) to join the judges panel of international leading designers for the prestigious Perspective Awards 2013.  Judging will take place in July - August 2013. More         

New appointments      

We are very pleased to confirm that Michael Grimshaw has recently joined lO as Director.  Michael has worked with Arquitectonica and Terry Farrell in Hong Kong for the last 20 years, and brings extensive expertise in design leadership of landmark retail and mixed use developments across China, South East Asia and the Middle East.


Nick Cordingley has been a Design Director at lO’s Shanghai studio together with Barry Shapiro.   His design leadership has led to several major new projects, most notably Yunnan Hotel and Wuhan Changchenghui Mixed Use Development.  Nick has also played an integral part in helping to grow the Shanghai team into a vibrant design studio.   In recognition of this, we are delighted to announce that Nick is now promoted to Design Partner at lO.    

Brian Fok has led successfully many of our high profile and large scale projects such as The China-Taiwan Cross Strait Forum in Pingtan; and Chongqing Central Business District Development.    In recognition of his outstanding performance, we are also delighted to announce that Brian is now promoted to the position of Associate Partner at lO.